3 Ways the Hawks could improve their team before Friday morning.

With Thursday’s NBA draft only days away, I figured that I should chime in a few ways that those lovable losers the Atlanta Hawks could improve their team. Atlanta has an exciting young nucleus that could potentially make some noise in the (l)Eastern conference next year. I know that this may sound like crazy talk, but really to me they look set and surprisingly deep at Shooting Guard and the two forward positions. While they look ok at these positions they are likely the worst team in the league at center and point guard.

1. Draft Mike Conley – Go after somebody like Darko or Jamaal Magloire on the cheap and hope that he’ll do a good job splitting time with the depth the Hawks already have at Power Forward.

2. Draft Al Horford – Make a move for maximum money this year to Chauncy Billups, or just try to play competitively this year and then offer a big contract to Gilbert Arenas next year. Also drafting Horford and making a move at Dallas’ restricted free agent Devin Harris could also be a good move.

3. Offer up this trade with the third pick in this years draft and throw in a couple of second round picks and hope that San Antonio is still hung over from the championship parade.



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4 responses to “3 Ways the Hawks could improve their team before Friday morning.

  1. Henderson

    The Hawks need to go Finnish again. Hanno Mottola (how do I get umlauts on this thing?) looked great in Hotlanta, and they should try and grab Espoon Honka guard Petteri Koponen late in the first round/early in the second on Thursday night. Not only is he a great passer but he can Finnish strong around the net (you can’t talk about the Finns without at least 1 pun like this).

    Look at his picture, is this guy NBA ready or what?


  2. fruffy

    Being “one of the most hyped players in Nordic countries ever” is like being the smartest kid with a touch of the downs. I could never deny how amazing his hair is though.

  3. palestinmiami

    He looks like he could have been a child actor (in a show like Home Improvement only not as successful) who has grown up become unemployed and is trying to “get back into” acting.

  4. TheMarathonMan

    Needs to work on: teeth, puberty.

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