Kimbo Slice Defies Odds, Wins Fight Against 46 Year Old with Hepititis B.

This Saturday night marked a monumental occasion in the history of the world.  Kimbo Slice defeated Ray Mercer in a Cage match at the Boardwalk Hall beautiful Atlantic City.  The purpose of this post is not to illustrate that this was a great fight or that it was even a fair fight – the purpose of this post is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kimbo Slice vs. Ray Mercer was the third most important fight in the last history the sport of organized combat. Before I can prove this I feel it first need to prove why this fight cannot be considered the most important fight history.  I should also mention that I know very little about any sort of organized fighting and the entire crux of my argument will be built on a ‘gut feeling’ that I have, (which states that boxing is going down the poooper) but I mean come on isn’t that the whole point of having a blog that gets very few comments. Obviously the most important fight of all time is The Rumble in the Jungle.  This fight remains unmatched.  It has to be the Pinnacle of the sport.  I mean when you can take a sport that is primarily most popular in one part of the world (North America), and have its most important match played in an isolated 3rd -ish world country (South Africa) and have it be as important as this fight was you know that you are doing something correctly.  I mean could you imagine the NFL trying to do the Super Bowl in Kenya, or FIFA trying to play the world cup in The United States *ahem*?  It just wouldn’t work.  This fight stands out for more reasons than that but it is clearly the best.The second most important fight would have to be Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield.  The 7th second of this video represents the exact instant that Boxing, for most people jumped the shark.  Since this match boxing hasn’t been nearly as relevant.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that the sport’s most important figure instantaneously becomes irrelevant or whether it was because people just lost interest, but I really don’t believe that any fight has been able to captivate the interest of the world in a ‘true’ manner since Tyson vs. Holyfield.  If it wasn’t for this fight the conditions that I believe allowed Kimbo vs. Mercer may never have been created.  Enter the third most important fight of all time.

The Kimbo Slice/ Ray Mercer fight represents a change in the guard of organized fighting, one which steers away from Boxing and towards other styles of organized assault and battery.  Three things allowed this fight to take place and all will no doubt (well with some doubt) shape the future of fighting.  These three things, in no particular order are; the irrelevance of boxing (as mentioned above because of Holyfield), poverty, and the internet.  As far as I am assuming Ray Mercer is the most successful boxer who has jumped the ship and joined a mixed martial arts league.  The reason that he did this at the ripe old age of 46 is because he is poor and (unlike in Canada) Hepatitis medicine isn’t free in American.  While I’m not suggest that a 46 year old Ray Mercer is like Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, I think that in the future more boxers will start to cross the line and join in these leagues to help pay for medicine, blow, child support or whatever else they wish to purchase because of the allure of the fabulous purses found in MMA.  Without a doubt the athletes will follow the money and the next generation of fighters won’t grow up learning the sweet science they will instead learn the art of a sport whose original marketing plan was “like the WWF only real.”  The final thing that made this fight possible is the Internet, without the internet no one would know who Kimbo was and the fight would never have gotten off the ground.  For those of you unfamiliar with his work Kimbo Slice gained popularity as the “King of the Internet Brawlers” and by appearing in reality based pornography.  The fact that Kimbo won the fight allows the audience to still accept the possibility that this new MMA crew of fighters could hold its own against those pussy boxers which can only help the decent of boxing.


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One response to “Kimbo Slice Defies Odds, Wins Fight Against 46 Year Old with Hepititis B.

  1. Pedro

    Kimbo is a beast!
    i got nothing els to say about that ..
    he is just a plain old beast

    i love him

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