Thursday June 21st 2007

1. Kimbo Slice: With all of the hype surrounding this fight (and by hype I of course mean my excitement) how could Kimbo not take over the number one spot this week? I think that if I didn’t have him in the number one spot I’d be doing everyone a disservice. Anyway, hopefully Kimbo is able to wipe the floor with Ray Mercy this Saturday in Atlantic City because if he doesn’t I may be completely over my “Kimbo phase” and I doubt that he’ll make the list next week.

2. Mika: I have got to say I was very impressed by the Mika show that I saw Sunday night at Studio A. It was easily the best show that I’ve seen this year in Miami, (which is not unlike saying it is the most sexually appealing female hockey player, but I digress). Mika has some serious star power, in the vein of George Michael, and I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. I could see him pulling off a seriously great arena show with a ton of theatrics if he could ever pull a huge audience. The fact that he was trying to create a spectacle complete with animal mascots and girls dressed as Alice in Wonderland, with a shoestring budget leads me to believe that if his music holds up (see: gets better) he could be a star. All the he needs is to get hooked up with the right tour producers (I wish I knew someone who could do that). The only two problems with the show 1. Drink prices- $14 is far too much for a mix drink. 2. The doors were opened 1 ½ hours late.

3. Pizza: I never really realized before I moved to America that there are different styles of Pizza. I mean I guess I knew but I never really thought much about it. In Canada as far as I know Pizza is just Pizza, you can get all sorts of toppings on it but you never really have to worry about what type of crusts you are getting. In America it is imperative that you find out what sort of Pizza you are eating before you order because if you don’t there is a good chance that you will be eating Shit. New York Style is by far the best type of Pizza, it beats all others by a million percent. Chicago style is obviously for idiots. If I wanted Garlic Bread, I’d order some fucking garlic bread. It’s no wonder that Chicago is the fattest city in America there Pizza slices are 5 inches thick. Deep Dish is also shit. I mean isn’t deep dish essentially a deep fried Pizza? Who the fuck wants a deep fried Pizza I know I don’t. Anyway to avoid all complications I’m sticking with New York Style.

4. This Guy:

5. Battles: I saw the Math rock Band battles Monday at Studio A. It was a pretty sweet show and their drummer was out of control. I don’t think that I have ever in my life seen a guy beat the drums quite that hard. It was ferocious. The band clearly has talent. I think that every member played at least two or three instruments during the show. The one thing that sort of sucked was that the band didn’t go on until like quarter to one. Normally I wouldn’t mind but it was a Monday and I was really tired.

6. Going to Philly: I’m going to Philly for Lisa’s birthday which will be nice because I haven’t seen in her in about three and a half months. Piro and Sunny will be making appearances also. I can’t imagine that I am going to be sober for very long. Things are shaping up to make it a really fun weekend.

7. Short Weeks: I’m taking Friday off of work this week. Amazing.

8. Being unoriginal: Originality is completely overrated I mean what’s the point when somebody else has already thought of something clever to say?

9. Pyramid Schemes: After seeing this picture:

I’m seriously considering starting a pyramid scheme. I feel like it’s something that I’d be very good at and free money is always appealing. The first thing that I need to do is find a few suckers. That shouldn’t be very hard as I live in Miami and most of the people here are in fact functionally retarded. The next thing that I need is a fence who can do most of the leg work and be the face of my operation, that way when shit goes bad, and it will go bad, no one will know about my involvement. After I kill the fence I’ll be home free. The biggest problem is that I tend to run my mouth and I’d most likely end up doing something foolish like publishing my plans on a blog that is viewed by a whopping 43 people per day.

10. Cashing in my “Bonds”: I’m thinking about getting a Barry Bonds jersey off of ebay I noticed that they were only selling for like $20-$35, while someone who is more liked by the White population like David Wright is selling for like $65-$80. I think that the Barry Bonds jersey would be hysterical to wear to somewhere like the bar just to see what people would say to me. Also I think that I should mention that I think that he is the best ‘pure’ baseball player of all time.

11. Going to Toronto: It looks like I’ll be heading back to Toronto for the weekend of the 6th of July.

12. Will Nelson: His blog continues to entertain, it sort of like looking at art made by the handicapped or reading poetry written by inmates. You’re drawn in but you’re not sure why.

13. Adding Pictures to the Rankings: Now that I have learned how to add pictures to my rankings it seems like I am writing more but it actually takes much less work.

14. Alley Cats: Oh how the might have fallen. After an unprecedented twelve weeks at atop the power rankings Alley Cats have fallen out of the top ten. Reason: I’m bored of them.

15. Mailing it in: I had to finish these rankings in one less day then I normally would and I’m actually sort of busy at work so I’ve mailed them in this week. I can’t promise that they will be better in the future but I can promise they might be better.



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2 responses to “Thursday June 21st 2007

  1. I’m loving your thoughts on pizza. New York style is obviously the best. Chicago pizza is for pussies. I’m also loving the random photo of “This Guy.” Good call. Finally, I’d like to be a part of your pyramid scheme. I’ll be checking back to see when you’ve designed one.

  2. palestinmiami

    Ok, well to be involved it’s simple… I don’t think you’ve ever seen my face so you can be the fence if you want. If you’re not, interested in that idea I’ll have “my associate” give you a call next week.

    Also are there any other types of Pizza? I’m sure that that there are and I’m sure that many of them suck worse than Chicago style but I haven’t found them yet.

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