You Know What This Is…

Sacs in the City is now a week old and it’s time to celebrate (I’m wearing a party hat and drinking sparkling wine out of the bottle right now.)  So far we three delicous editors are having a great time and we know you are too.  Oh wait….we actually have no idea.  This is because no one other than us and the beautiful and talented abarclay12 of leaky brain fame have left us any comments.  We were under the impression that you tools would speak up.  I know the writing has been insightful, the grammar and style flawless, and the subject matter beyond many, but for fucks sake let us know what you think people!  We were really counting on a bunch of twat waffles with nothing to do, not unlike ourselves, to run their mouths off warranting witty and downright cruel responses from us.  If no one speaks up I swear to Jebus we’ll shut this mother down!  Go ahead call our bluff….

or just keep lurking and boosting our stats.   That’s right, we can see you, and I can’t keep travelling around to every public computer in my area and logging on for much longer.


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