Sunday Night Bites….

I’ve never been a huge fan of awards shows in general, but I’m pretty sure the Much Music Video Awards are the hugest waste of time since this years NBA Finals.  For any of you (is anyone reading this anyways?) who don’t know Much Music is the Canadian equivilant of MTV.  The cool part of the show is that they shut down the streets around the studio, set up numerous stages, and have tonnes of live performances.  Unfortunately all the performers are shit, (you guessed it, Fergie WAS available) and the fans never shut up so you can’t hear any of the pure genius of the hottest B-listers of Hollywood who’ve made the long trek up North to plug their latest crap.  Lets put it this way, if Paris wasn’t in jail she definitely would have been skanking it up with Tara Reid (I’m pretty sure that’s her but it’s hard to tell because that broad looks sober and has her tits in.)  The thing that bothers me more than anything about this event is that the same bands/people are nominated for every award.  In true predictable fashion, everyone who performed was entitled to at least one hand out.  The highlight of the show was definitely all the on air swearing which we can now hear blanked out over and over again as the show will no doubt be replayed for the next two weeks on loop.  (I’m torturing myself again right now actually)  I was still pretty hung over last night and I was close to throwing up everytime I remembered that the best Canada has to offer the mainstream music industry is Avril, Hedley, Billy Talent, that guys awful hair,  Alexisonfire, and (dry heaving) Nickelback.  I’d like to take this moment to apologize profusely for this.  Fuck you Chad Kroeger, I hope you rot in hell, and have to listen to yourself for the rest of eternity.


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One response to “Sunday Night Bites….

  1. Brent

    Thank you for referencing that guys hair. A picture is really the only way to discribe it without using the terms douchebag or mental disability. I´ve tried to communicate how much i hate that guy and his ridiculous hair style in the past but no one outside of central ontario over the age of 13 has any idea who he is.
    Well done, friend.

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