Senators have franchise’s most successful season, Fire GM.


In what can only be described as one of the most brilliant personal moves ever made the Ottawa Senators have fired GM John Muckler.  Ottawa is coming off a disappointing the franchise’s most successful season ever, where it lost to Anaheim in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The move comes as yet another blow to a fan base who already have to deal with living in Ottawa.  It seems to me that sports entertainment is the only field in the world where a person can be fired for doing something better than anyone else in his field.  Could you imagine the head CEO of a fortune 500 company being fired after he brought the stock to an all time high?

  What sort of a message does this send to the Senators Fans? Can it possible be conceived as a positive one?  Frankly I don’t understand the move. Muckler will be replaced by the teams coach Bryan Murray (who has a hilarious speech impediment). 


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