Originally only delayed for three months, to be ‘reworked’ there is now a possibility that the new 50 Cent album may never be released.  The whole mess stems from the fact that the album sucks and Interscope is afraid that no one will buy it.   Apparently when the label asked Fifty to write five new tracks he freaked out and demanded an additional seven figures from the label before he’d step back into the studio.  It doesn’t seem like this money is on the way and a standoff has been started with both sides refusing to budge. 

“Right now everyone’s still trying to stay calm, but the lawyers are getting involved – and you know what that means … If it were anyone else [besides 50 Cent], I’d say that this whole thing could be worked out. But right now, I can’t even begin to predict what’s going to happen with that album.”

 It seems that the music industry has created a monster in 50 Cent.  I guess that that’s what you get when you find an artist* who you are able market as that ghetto thug who was shot 9 times.  I wonder if 50’s going to go ‘street’ on them and ‘bust a cap’ so that he can ‘get paid.’  Somewhere Don King is yelling, “Only in America!”  Why the fuck doesn’t 50 just go back and make an album that both sides can agree is good.  The first single ‘Amusement Park’ has been leaked and it is awful.  It sounds a shitty version of ‘Candy Shop,’ which was in the end just a shitty version ‘Magic Stick.’  What the fuck?  50 Cent can’t even bootleg his own music very well. Now normally I wouldn’t be for any label that forces its artist* to sound a specific way but I mean come on, it’s 50 Cent not Radiohead or Arcade Fire.  Also it doesn’t seem to me that it is about Interscope trying to stifle 50’s creativity, rather it’s about them having the reasonable expectation that he will try his hardest to make a good album.   This label has paid an exception amount of money to make 50 Cent into 50 Cent and he should fulfill his end of the deal by completing a solid album rather than just mailing in some shitty beats.  It’s this exact mentality that I think is going to be the downfall of rap music.  The entire genre is driven by capitalism and it seems that all that any of the artist* want to do is get paid.  Whatever happened to putting out a record that stood for something?  I don’t mean to suggest that all records need to be transcendent, but they should at least be listenable and the artist’s goal should be to make music their fans will enjoy.  50 Cent is a pop star, and he gets mad that Interscope wants him to treat him like one.

*not that 50 Cent should ever be mistaken for an artist



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