Chicago Cubs: Big Mess or the Biggest Mess?


    Can anything go right for those lovable losers from Chicago? I mean this year the time went a whopping $297 Million Dollars on free agents and where has it landed them? The team is currently 5 games below .500 and 6.5 games behind Milwaukee for second place in what is universally considered the worst division in baseball.
Meanwhile the team is a powder-keg that seems ready to explode at any minute. Saturday’s brawl between first basemen Derrek Lee and Padres’ Pitcher Chris Young was the team’s second fight this month, granted the first was between teammates Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett. The normally docile Lee will be surly be suspended which will undoubtedly put the team further in the hole. I don’t see this team pulling it together they seem to have far too many strong personalities and simply don’t look like they are havinng any fun playing the game. I mean when was the last time you saw a team this pent up do anything over the course of a 162 game season. Moreover the team doesn’t seem to have a visible leader in the Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Vernon Wells or even Jason Bay, mold and seems to have had trouble forging an identity beyond ‘rag-tagbunch of millionaires. For some reason I also don’t see this man righting the ship anytime soon.

    If you ask me the wild card that could send the situation from small catastrophe to Hiroshima has to be the team’s prized unnecessary free agent signing Ted Lilly. Lilly has a history of being wildly inconsistent (career 64-62, 4.52 ERA) and losing his cool when his team gets down. I mean remember last year when Lilly fought then Manager John Gibbons? Could you imagine him trying this shit with Lou Pinnella? It would be like Tyson vs. Spinks except there would be no ref to pull sweat Lou off of an unconscious Lilly. Regardless of what happens over the rest of the season fisticuffs between Lou and any player would cement this season as one of the biggest disasters in MLB history, but there is plenty of time left and the Cubs could still turn this thing around. To do that I think that it is imperative that this team develop a real identity and if there isn’t a player on the roster whole is willing lead the team, a trade should be made to acquire someone who will (And I don’t mean someone like the me-first style superstar who the team has a history of going after).


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  1. fruffy

    I love that flat top. Who does he think he is Derek Jeter?

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