Power Rankings “Friday June 15th 2007”

1. Alley Cats: This may or may not be the last week alley cats maintain the highest mark.

2. Kimbo Slice: The countdown is on in only 8 days I will be seeing Kimbo legally attempt murder. It doesn’t get any better than this.

3. Getting a $300 bar tab on a Sunday: So I went out for a few casuals on Sunday with three friends. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but we ended up getting like a $300 bar tab. It was pretty funny though we were all sitting around having a good time not even thinking about the bill when the waitress came along and said “You know that you guys have had 8 drinks each?” I think the response to this was something along the lines of “Thanks, Mom!” then she said back to us, “We’ll the bills like $300, but I’ll give you 50% off because you work at a bar.” I should take this time to note that I do not work at a bar, nor have I ever worked at a bar, but one of the four of us did, thus entitling all of us to the discount. I’ve got to say that I was pretty psyched about this development and I am now considering picking up a part time job as a barback.

4. Black History Week (One): I’ve taken this week to explore black culture in as many possible ways as I can. Of course I’m lying. Not that this is a negative concept, rather I just don’t take any week to explore any culture. Anyway. I’m reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. It’s unreal. I’m not finished it yet, but I can tell that it is going to be one of the better books that I’ve ever read. I highly suggest that anyone who isn’t reading a book right now go out and pick it up.

5. Black History Week (Two): Monday I went to go and see a Russell Simmons “lecture” at Books and Books in Coral Gables. I guess that he wrote a new self-help book and he’s on tour promoting it. I was expecting to be blown away by this “lecture”, but when I got there I find out that the “lecture” has been cancelled and it has become a “signing only.” Moreover, Russell will only sign copies of his new book. Not that I would have gotten something signed anyway, but I certainly wasn’t going to pay $22 for the right. The reason that this is so weak because the signing was promoted as something completely different. The whole ordeal wouldn’t have been nearly as frustrating if I hadn’t driven all the way to Coral Gables (like 15 miles south) and hadn’t paid for parking.

6. Black History Week (Three): I finished watching Season Three of the Wire this Week. I sort of feel like Peter King making comments about events in Pop Culture that are so old that no one really cares about them anymore, but damn. The Wire is an unreal show. I also like how the most exciting episode of every season happens to be the second last. It’s the way shows should work, allowing the audience resolution. As much as ‘the cliffhanger’ ending helps ratings, doesn’t it make sense that each season act as a chapter of a story, or a book in a volume? When I read a book, I like resolution.

7. Black History Week (four): In what I expect will be the most enlightening thing that I due this week I’m going to go and see Dead Prez tonight at Studio A. I really feel like Dead Prez will give a message of equality and peace. From all of my experience with them (which is none) it also seems like they are a very peace-first, non-militant type of Hip-Hop posse.

8. Cocaine Cowboys: We rented Cocaine Cowboys last night. It was a pretty damn cool movie that illustrated the seediness and downright depravity found in Miami over the last 40 years. I from what I understand Miami is a much safer place to live now then it was then, but the murder rate in 1981 was like 625 per year. That’s crazy it’s like 2 murders a day. It’s now about 74 per year which I think is much better.

9. Wepages whose names don’t really make sense: interestingly when searching for Crime Rates for the last Rank I found this site who’s tag line is “Crime Statistics: Absolutely the best place to be!” Does the first part of that name have anything to do at all with the second? What sort of chimps do they having working the graphic design over there at http://www.cityrates.com? I’ve been thinking of two lines that could potentially fit together less and I’m not sure I can.

10. This Guy:

11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: The show was good. A straight up rock and roll show that didn’t try to hide the fact that they rock. I think that this is the reason that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is mostly unknown they don’t seem to be the type of band that gives a shit. They play the music they want how they want and it seems that they wouldn’t bend over for a record label or maybe even their own fans. There is something to be said for a band that will do this.

12. Cleveland Still Losers: The NBA Finals ended last night after San Antonio euthanized the NBA season by Sweeping the Cavs in what I must say was the worst finals of any sport that I’ve ever seen. No onto the more exciting season in the NBA; the off-season.

13. Concerts: On top of The concerts I’ve already mentioned I’m going to see Mika and Battles this weekend. Both will be good in different ways I think. I wonder if there could be three more opposite groups that a person could see in a three day span that Mika, Dead Prez, and Battles. I suppose that I could see a Goth band and a Christian Band but nonetheless I think that these are pretty random.

14. Calvin Harris: Now I’m sure that a lot of you are aware of my love for hard Pop music, and for those of you who are not, well I really like hard-pop music. This week I discovered a new artist that easily fits into this category. Calvin Harris. Although, it doesn’t technically come out until September 4, 2007. His new album, I Created Disco, is amazing. I ended up getting a copy of it this week and have listened to it roughly 15 times. If you trust me you can check out his myspace page and try it for yourself.

15. The Sopranos Finally: So I’ve never been a huge fan of Sopranos and I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve seen the final episode but it has pretty much been the biggest thing that happened this week, so I figure I should say something about it. As I mentioned earlier I absolutely think that stories should have endings. It’s not fair to the audience to not give them one people have put years and years into the show and they deserve the satisfaction. That being said I think that the show is about the exploration of Tony’s character and I think that the overall morality of the show relies on his mental health. If you think about it like that the ending of the show should unlimat-


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