Jacksonville – Home of the New Perfect QB Prototype

What is 6’5, 250lbs, black and has a passer rating of 75? 

Well if you want to play QB for the Jags you better be all of the above.  I’m not an avid Jags fan but I believe their team has underachieved in the past two seasons, largely because of inconsistency at QB.  Byron Leftwich’s injury troubles have forced David Garrard into action often, and he has done a pretty great job at times, but ultimately not enough.  He is more able to make plays with his feet, but I would not call him a running threat.  This leads me to ask why the Jags, who have not had success with big pocket passers, would want to go after Culpepper, who besides being damaged goods, is a slug.  Using my investigative skills I delved farther into the issue and found that the third man on the depth charts at QB last season for the Jags was one Quinn Gray, another 250 lb black pocket passer.  I also learned that in this years draft they selected Tulane’s black QB Lester Ricard who ran for(see: was sacked for,) a whopping -110 yds last season.  The brass in Jacksonville obviously knows something I don’t.  I think the lesson is that having multiple QB’s that are exact clones of each other will leave you a mediocre, underachieving team.  But hey, at least Del Rio will be looking good surrounded by 5 of the NFL’s new prototype QB.

Best part of the article:

“Culpepper, who serves as his own agent,”

Wait, you can do that? 


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One response to “Jacksonville – Home of the New Perfect QB Prototype

  1. palestinmiami

    I actually read last year that one of the reasons that Jacksonville has so many Black QBs is because the fans in that city are so racist that they boo whenever a white guy (no matter what his skill) sits on the bench behind a QB who is average at best.

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