And you thought jeans with ripped knees were cool.

So Attus Apparel has come out with the future of fashion, the shot up polo.  

We are offering for sale a very limited number of Attus Apparel polo shirts that we have blasted with shotguns, 357 magnums, and 45’s. We took a handful of our best seller the Hangover in one of each size small, medium, large, x-large and shot em up for you to wear. 

Attus seems to be suggesting that the appeal of these shirts over the something like a pair of ripped jeans (which according to them only pussies wear) is that their shirts have a story to tell.  If the story goes beyond, “I was looking on the internet and bought a shirt with bullet holes in it for $100 off of a bunch of rednecks” then you sir are a tremendous jackass.

I mean I’m certainly not trying to suggest that I know anything about fashion but do you really trust these fucktards to make your clothing?


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